Let's get
it Don.

A campaign calling on Minister Don Harwin and the NSW Government to proclaim and commence the NSW Modern Slavery Act.

this be the next great Don?

this be the next great Don?

For Don’s eyes only.

(This next part is just for Don. No one else read it, ok?)

Don. This is a special invitation, just for you!

We’ve tried to call a bunch of times and have sent over email after email. We just haven’t had any luck getting through to you.

We get it: you’re a busy man. But millions of children, women and men are relying on you to take action.

This invitation is too important for you to miss. That's why we’ve set up an entire campaign to make sure you receive it.

You see, you have an opportunity to be the Next Great Don.

Throughout history there have been Dons who have risen to greatness. Sir Don Bradman. Don the Duck. The ‘Is Don. Is good.’ guy! We could go on.

You could be the next great Don by simply standing up to special interests and commencing the NSW Modern Slavery Act - a law your government helped pass over 3 years ago.

Modern slavery is an Aussie issue. We need this Act! C'mon Don. Let’s get it Don.

Join Task Force Don

Help us make sure Don gets the message. It'll be fun, we promise.

Now is the time to get it Don

We try to hand-deliver an invite to Don himself.


This is what getting it Don will mean for people in slavery.


What exactly
remains unDon?

In June 2018, NSW Parliament passed one of the strongest pieces of anti-slavery legislation in the world.

But 3 years on, Minister Don Harwin and the NSW Government have failed to enforce this vital law because of pressure from special interest groups.

Now is the time for the NSW Government to proclaim and commence the Act, with the following key provisions:


Appointment of an independent anti-slavery commissioner


Requirement for commercial organisations with an annual revenue of A$50 million to report on the risks of slavery in their supply chains


Penalties for non-compliance


Support for victims


Resolution of issues identified by the Legislative Council Standing Committee on Social Issues

What is modern slavery and why should Australians care?